Figen & Randolph Ward Mays - Owners

► Mr. Mays, together with his partner and wife, Figen A. Mays, founded ADCO GIDA in 1990.

► Mr. Mays is the founder and President of the Turkish Chapter of `ASI` the `Association de la Sommellerie Internationale` which is the largest and oldest international professional association in the world, involved in the training and education of Sommeliers in over 54 countries.

► He is a World Class Wine & Spirits Degustator, Trainer and Educator.

► A member of the jury of many International Wine Competitions, judging the quality of wines & spirits from around the world.

► He maintains and increases his knowledge by traveling all over the world yearly, to visit Wineries & Distilleries to taste and to increase his overall knowledge of the products he brings into the market.

► Figen Mays is a High school graduate of Lycée Français, Notre Dame de Sion, Istanbul and attended Bosphorus University, graduating with a BA in Business Management.